Copyright 2012 Taimi Gorman.

About the Book

Haunted Fairhaven

The Busy Lives of the Active Dead in the Historic Fairhaven District, Bellingham, Washington.


Full body apparitions, orbs, whisps and shadow people, are just a few of the lesser-known Fairhaven residents that haunt the 100 year-old brick buildings of the historic district.  

In "Haunted Fairhaven", local writer Taimi Dunn Gorman, explores the tales of these sightings through the testimonies of current residents and stories of the past.  While researching 1890s' newspapers for murders, suicides, strange deaths and other occurrences, she brought in a team of psychics and photographers to investigate the places where it happened, and call out the supernatural beings that still reside there.  

The results are a fascinating mix of local history, legends, ghost stories and psychic reports.

Photographs from the Whatcom Museum add to the story, as do pictures of the psychics at work in present day Fairhaven.   Even if you're a non-believer, the history of the district makes for a fascinating read.  The boomtown of Fairhaven in the 1890s brought with it shootings, brothels, and saloons, side by side with grand brick edifices and mansions. Through the past century of booms and busts, the town has morphed from pioneer settlement to ghost town, speakeasies to pubs, and hippies to condo-dwellers.  

Take a trip back in time and on to the present, surrounded by the beings that have endured through it all.